Which Came First? The Chocolate or the Migraine?

Research suggests that, despite it being generally accepted that eating chocolate could give you a migraine, it might not really be the big migraine enemy most people think it is.

Which Came First? The Chocolate or the Migraine?

Yes, many people say that they get a migraine after they’ve eaten the sugary snack, but this seems to be a variation on the old question, which came first; the chicken or the egg? In this case it’s which caused what; did chocolate cause the migraine? Or is it what some researchers now think, that a sudden craving for it is the symptom of a migraine coming? It’s not that the chocolate caused a migraine, it’s that it was a warning that one was on the way. 

The thing is that we don’t always have a strong craving before we have chocolate and then find ourselves with a migraine. Well, their response was that the difference is that pure chocolate is not so much a problem. What causes the migraine is our everyday sort of chocolate bar – the kind that contains milk, wheat, soy, sugar, eggs, artificial sweeteners, tyramine, histamine, and not all that much “pure” cocoa in the overall scheme of things. That said, it is more likely that it is when these ingredients are combined with pure chocolate that triggers the migraine, as opposed to these ingredients or the pure chocolate alone.   

So according to this maybe chocolate might not be so bad after all…? Just keep your chocolate pure, say 70% or more cocoa solids.

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