What are electrolytes? Why should you care?

You’ve probably heard of them but might not be sure what they do exactly. So, what are electrolytes? What do they do? Why do we need them? And how can we get more?  

What Are Electrolytes? Why Should You Care?

Essentially electrolytes are minerals in the body that transport a positive electrical charge. Common electrolytes include elements such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. They help to control muscle and nerve functions, blood acidity and the amount of water in our body. Electrolytes can be lost though, for example when we sweat, at which point they need replacing. Without enough, we can’t regulate our vital functions properly.

Normal water doesn’t actually have any electrolytes in it, so drinks that do have them, such as juices, would need to be consumed to help rebalance the body. If we don’t, then the balance may go off at which point our body tries to eliminate excess water to redress the proportions of electrolytes to water. This makes us dehydrated, which can in turn trigger a migraine attack.

So if you’ve been doing a lot of exercise and sweating, it might be an idea to have something a little bit salty to compensate.

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