Water – are you getting enough?

We all know about the multiple benefits of including more water in our diets: plenty of water helps to rid the body of toxins and hydrates the skin, making you look great as well as feel great.

Many of us are still not drinking enough. Using the hydration calculator at WaterAid.org you can work out what your daily water intake should be – and it might be more than you think!

For me – a 50kg person who exercises for around 15 minutes per day – the recommended intake is a whopping nine 250 ml glasses of water. That’s two and a quarter litres! I already drink water throughout the day, but I don’t think it amounts to much over a litre and a half, even on a good day, so I definitely need to up my game!

It can be pretty hard to fit that amount of water into your day, especially when you are on the go, so I have decided to adopt a typical 500 ml water bottle as my own and aim to drink and refill it four to five times per day.

I will start with one bottle with breakfast, another throughout the morning and a third with lunch. Then I will have bottle number four throughout the afternoon and number five with my evening meal – that will be my quota for the day.

It sounds like a lot, and I know I will need to drink even more when I exercise or on hot days, but if it’s going to help me look and feel better in time for summer, it’ll be worth it!


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