Treatment of migraine – How are migraines diagnosed?

You’ve got the worst headache of your life. It’s worse than the one you had last month, and that one was bad enough. Last time, you had to retreat to a dark room, because even the dull British daylight was too much for you to handle. With this one, though, your sight is blurred and you have blind spot and jagged lines across your field of vision. Could it be a migraine?

Treatment of migraine is essential, yet migraine is a highly under-diagnosed condition.

Migraines often start in childhood, but they can begin at any stage of life, sometimes being triggered by life changes such as stress or menopause.

While the first attack may be alarming and confusing, a pattern of symptoms will eventually emerge, which makes diagnosing migraine relatively easy.

If you think you might be suffering from migraines, it is important to talk to your doctor, who will ask about your symptoms rule out other possible causes and offer the best treatment of migraine for you.

Usually, talking through your symptoms will be enough for your doctor to diagnose migraines, but they may wish to perform an examination or scan to ensure that no other underlying causes are missed. Once your diagnosis is established, you can set about finding a suitable treatment of migraine.

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