Top tips for a healthier desk!

If you have a desk job, you have probably experienced one of the following at least once in your working life:

* A monitor that is too high or too low

* An adjustable chair that you cannot adjust, meaning that either your knees are by your ears, or your feet swing above the floor like a child perched on a wall

* A permanent pile of box files next to your table leg, forcing you to sit side-saddle to reach your keyboard

* A particularly chatty co-worker sitting opposite who makes you hunch behind your monitor just so you can get some work done!

If you work from home you may even experience one or more of the following:

* A monitor that is too high because it is attached to the laptop that is perched atop the ever-expanding pile of school reply slips and to-do lists that are slowly taking over your desk.

* A dining chair serving as a desk chair, made just high enough with blankets that never quite fold back into the right size again after being used as tents by the children.

* A dog who, despite having her own designated comfy chair, insists on lying at your feet, forcing you to sit side-saddle to reach your keyboard.

* A dog who insists on making you feel guilty for not having walked them yet today, forcing you to perch on the edge of your seat, shoulders hunched, to at least look as if you are about to take them out just as soon as you type this last email…

All of these things can contribute to a poor posture throughout the working week, which can lead to lower back pain, tension in the neck and shoulders, eye strain, headaches and migraines.

To avoid potential problems caused by your work space, arrange for a health and safety assessment. These are standard practice in the workplace, and if you work at home or are self-employed, you can get advice through your local Business Link. It could save you a lot of headaches!

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