‘Tis the Season to get Migraines?

As the weather turns colder, the days get shorter and the air pressure starts to vary more often some migraine sufferers find that they get more frequent and more painful attacks. Although Winter is linked with such depressing things as seasonal affective disorder, the flu and bad weather, but it’s also the time for cosy evenings in by the fire, ice skating in the park and, above all, Christmas. To enjoy everything Winter has to offer try a few of these tips to help stave off extra migraines.


1.Establish a regular sleeping pattern


People who are overtired suffer from more migraines  Try to make sure that you get enough good quality sleep by going to bed and waking up at approximately the same time each day. If you struggle to fall asleep then try to avoid watching TV or eating just before bed as these are things that can over stimulate the brain. Soon your body should get used to the habit and you should find drifting off easier.


2.Wrap up warm


When we get cold our blood vessels contract and this could potentially trigger a migraine. When you go out take extra layers and make sure to wear a hat and scarf so that your head doesn’t get cold. Don’t avoid going outside though because another way to avoid migraines is to…


3.Increase your levels of vitamin D


It’s tempting to stay in when the temperature outside starts to fall but by spending more time indoors we get less time in sunlight which in turn means we take in less vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D can result in increased levels of depression   – another common cause of migraines. Make sure you don’t let your levels drop too low by getting some good fresh air (which is also a great mood booster in itself) and try eating more fish, milk and eggs: all great sources of vitamin D.


4.Don’t dry yourself out


Make sure you keep hydrated. We need the equivalent of between eight and ten glasses of water a day  , but with so many delicious warming drinks on offer this can be a really nice excuse to experiment with festive alternatives. Warm apple juice or hot blackcurrant squash are good options that avoid migraine-triggering caffeine.


5.Don’t dry your surroundings out either…


Hang radiator reservoirs on the backs of the radiators in your home, or if you don’t have exposed radiators try leaving bowls of water out to evaporate. Humid air is easier to breathe and will help combat sudden atmospheric fluctuations.

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