The Three Ingredient Anti-Migraine Drink

If you can’t take anymore of your pain medication (beware the medication-overuse headache) but you still have a migraine, then this easy recipe for an anti-migraine drink might help.  

The Three Ingredient Anti-Migraine Drink

Take two teaspoons of good sea salt. (The better the quality the more effective it should be. Pink Himalayan sea salt has over 80 trace minerals in it, many of which, such as magnesium, are important electrolytes that our body needs.) Add the salt to a cup of water and then squeeze in the juice from one lemon. However, as this is over the daily recommended allowance of salt, you will have to make sure that you have less salt from other sources in your diet.  

That’s it. Salt, lemon juice and water. The minerals will help to balance your electrolytes and the sudden salt hit will raise serotonin levels – this helps to stop pain and bring down any inflammation.

This recipe may not have any scientific studies to back it up but it has been used in the past to help treat migraines, and could potentially help you. Worth a try?

DISCLAIMER – When using any medication, always read the label and make sure you keep all medicines out of reach of children. The information supplied within this online resource is brought to you by Imigran Recovery Tablets (contains sumatriptan) for migraine relief, from a variety of author sources including health care professionals, lifestyle experts and the general public. None of the published authors endorse any brands.

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