The Best and Worst Jobs for Migraine Sufferers

Although migraine sufferers and the triggers they have for their migraines are all different, there are still some jobs that are generally best avoided if you want to reduce the number of attacks you have.



Things to avoid in a job if you’re a migraine sufferer include:


Unpredictable shift work

Keeping to a routine for sleep and meals is important when you are a migraine sufferer, and having a job with changing shifts makes this much harder.


High stress

All jobs will come with their own stresses and challenges, but some jobs are renowned for being more stressful than others. Working as a delivery driver who has to stick to tight delivery windows throughout the day, and may have to miss meals to meet them, is one example.


Kitchen environments

Strong smells, a lack of natural light, and stuffy and airless surroundings are all bad news for many migraine sufferers. Working in a kitchen, whether that’s at a posh restaurant or at a fast food outlet, will see all these elements come together as one!


Operating heavy machinery

For some migraine sufferers their attacks come with (and quite understandably so!) a reduction in visual and mental focus, and also sometimes balance issues. This is why any job that involves operating heavy machinery isn’t a good idea, because a migraine in this situation could then lead to a serious accident.


On a brighter note, some of the jobs that are particularly good for migraine sufferers are;


Private Tutor

All the joy of teaching, but without the noisy classroom and with added flexibility.


Freelance Graphic Designer

Being a freelancer gives you the flexibility to work when you’re feeling well, and to take regular breaks when you need them.


Social Media Manager

This is another job that can offer flexibility, and it’s one that’s in considerable demand right now!


Shop Owner

If you own and run the shop, you can dictate your own working hours. It’s not for everyone, but if you like making things, setting up your own boutique could be a great move.


Sales Rep

Specifically, a sales rep who gets paid for their results rather than being driven by deadlines!


Whatever job we’re in, it matters that it’s a job that works for us as individuals. We spend about a third of our life at work, so it’s important that we are in a job that fulfils us, and that supports our health. [

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