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Weather and Migraines – Correlation or Causation?

Many migraine sufferers say that one of their migraine triggers is changes in the weather, in particular, changes in temperature, humidity and pressure. However, a study which was published in 2004 in ‘Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain’ … Continue reading

Treating Migraines If You’re Pregnant or Breastfeeding

If you’re hoping to start a family, suffering from migraines shouldn’t be something to hold you back. Having said that, the idea of going without your migraine medication is an idea that would fill most migraine sufferers with dread. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Spreading The Word That Migraines Aren’t Emotional

For centuries migraines have been wrongly considered to be a psychological manifestation of a woman’s inability to manage stress and their emotional state, although luckily nowadays the general population knows this is not the case. Back then though, migraines were … Continue reading