Suffer with migraines? Join the club!

If you suffer with migraines, there’s no need to suffer alone, unless sitting alone in a darkened room is your migraine treatment of choice, of course!

Even if you prefer to be alone during a migraine, spending time learning about your condition and conversing with other sufferers can be extremely beneficial, helping you to learn new ways to prevent migraine attacks, cope with and relieve your symptoms, and explain your condition to family, friends, school or employers. 

Suffer with migraines

In the UK, The Migraine Trust is a major health and medical research charity focusing on migraines. Their aim is to provide information and support to migraine sufferers, educate health professionals, and fund and disseminate medical research in the field. The charity also has a strong awareness and advocacy component.

The support provided by The Migraine Trust helps to empower those that suffer with migraines by providing information about symptoms and diagnosis, giving practical advice for management of attacks and symptoms, and providing a forum for sharing information and experiences via the travelling diary and social network communities.

Take a look at their website for information such as factsheets, latest research, FAQs and links to medical information and migraine clinics. You can also help the charity in various ways including fundraising or donations.

One particular focus of the charity and its fundraising is in the support of migraine sufferers in the workplace through the employment campaign, which aims to raise awareness of migraine in the workplace, to empower and encourage discussion around symptoms and management, such that sufferers need not hide their condition from their employers and colleagues.

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