Top tips for a stress-reduced week

We know only too well how a migraine can eat into a week. When we are well we often tend to over compensate and try and pack in extra tasks, because we can.

The added stress can prove a vicious circle. These simple tips for a stress-reduced week may help restore the balance.

stress-reduced week

1. Plan a realistic week

  • Don’t over schedule tasks for the week ahead and build in some focused time out
  • Set yourself a false deadline so that you have a built in extra half a day to finish big projects
  • Write down what needs to be done this week. Aim to do what you comfortably can and revue at the end of the week.

2. Start each day well

  • Aim for a good breakfast and try not to leave long gaps between meal breaks throughout the day
  • Set the table the night before, lay out your clothes and any documents you may need
  • Get unpleasant tasks out of the way first. We’ve heard it before but it really does take a whole lot of stress out of your day.

3. Sort out your work environment niggles

  • Is your keyboard at the right height and correct distance from you? Adjust your screen or fit a filter to lessen the glare or flicker
  • Make sure you have a desk and chair that doesn’t put extra strain on your neck. Check that you’re not slumping over your desk as poor posture can alter your breathing
  • Make sure your work place is well ventilated.

4. Take time out for yourself.

  • Get out in the fresh air as much as possible even for a short spell
  • If possible try a Yoga or Tai chi class where you can slow down and take the focus off work and other responsibilities
  • Even fifteen minutes with a favourite magazine can shift the focus of the day.

5. Eat, drink, sleep

  • Don’t leave long gaps between meals and be aware of any personal migraine food triggers
  • Stay well hydrated throughout the day
  • Try and keep to a regular sleep pattern and don’t alter it drastically on days off.

6. Prepare for the week ahead

  • Review your plan for the week just ended
  • Write up your schedule for the week ahead starting with those least favourite tasks
  • Take care of any household repairs that are a constant niggle. A simple loose drawer handle can compound your stress when you face it day after day.


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