A Romantic Migraine-Friendly Picnic

Everyone likes to be surprised every once in a while. It’s also great to be the one giving the surprise. But if you’ve just starting dating a migraine sufferer it can be difficult to know what might trigger a migraine attack for them, so planning a romantic surprise may not be so easy.

A Romantic Migraine-Friendly Picnic

If light is a trigger, being outside for a long time while the sun is very bright isn’t so great. At the same time, doing something late at night isn’t so good either because it’s important for migraine sufferers to have established sleeping patterns and get enough rest. It’s important too that migraine sufferers eat regularly so that their blood sugar levels don’t fall and trigger an attack. So with all this in mind, what about a nice romantic picnic?

First, pick a nice spot in the shade. Or if they’re really sensitive to light, maybe find a conservatory with blinds that you can adjust as needs be. If you keep the door open and sit on a rug on the floor it’ll keep the romantic feel of a picnic outside.

Next, foods to steer clear of are: aged cheeses (mozzarella should be fine), pepperoni and processed meats (it seems a mozzarella margarita pizza is looking like a good option), citrus fruits (these can contain tyramine which is a migraine trigger for some), chocolate (carob is a good alternative), and fermented soy products (again with the tyramine).

Finally, to the flowers. For some sufferers, strong smells can be a trigger. So why not be a little different and make some? Origami roses are beautiful, not too hard to make, and are something your date can keep as a memento of your romantic surprise.

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