Research Needs You! Different Ways to Get Involved

There are more ways to get involved in research than it might at first appear there are. Most people know that it is possible to sign up to be a volunteer in medical trials or that they can put their hand up to answer lifestyle questionnaires. However, there are other things that you can do to contribute.

Research Needs You! Different Ways to Get Involved

One way is to be a ‘co-applicant’ who writes a grant proposal for a study. Another is to be a co-researcher helping to interview or survey participants. If you are a medical practitioner of some type then you might be able to help design a research study. If you are not, and you are also not keen to do a lot of writing, then as a member of the public you can sit on national funding bodies run by the NHS National Institute for Health Research, or the Clinical Studies Group, which help to decide which studies get funded. The NHS Research Ethics Committees do a similar role and also need members of the public but this time their role is to check whether a trial and its proposed methods are safe.

There are hundreds of ways you can help; even if you aren’t a sufferer yourself.

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