How to Relieve Migraine Nausea Without Medication

migraine nausea

Not everyone is able to, or happy to, take prescription medications or over-the-counter pharmaceutical remedies for migraine nausea. Some migraine sufferers also find that while it may take the edge off, the medications they have to relieve their migraine nausea isn’t effective enough on its own.

If this sounds relatable then the following nausea remedies may be of use.


Doubtless you’ve heard of this one, but with good reason. Ginger has been used by people to help digestion and calm the stomach for hundreds of years.

It can be taken as supplements if you don’t like the taste, or else eaten or drunk in a variety of ways such as ginger tea or ginger beer (though when you’re feeling sick carbonated drinks aren’t so great), or eaten in biscuits. Dry ginger biscuits can be good to nibble on while you’re feeling queasy because they’re quite plain and they’ll help ensure that your blood sugar levels don’t drop too low thereby making your migraine attack worse.

Peppermint (or menthol)

Peppermint is another good one. Peppermint tea, whether hot or cold, could be good to sip throughout your bout of nausea. Alternatively, you might find that peppermint oil applied to the temples and forehead could help, or inhaling peppermint oil via an oil diffuser is another option.

Acupressure or acupuncture

Acupressure uses the same principles of acupuncture – stimulating key points across the body to bring pain relief – only without the needles and using pressure instead, which could make it more tempting if you’re not a fan of needles.

One small study involving 40 patients showed that those who received acupressure had notably less nausea with their migraines and less of a need for migraine anti-nausea medications than those who didn’t have the treatment.

All three of these treatments could be worth exploring if you suffer from migraine nausea because they have few to no side effects and can be used in conjunction with other medications. 

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