Tips to prevent chronic migraine

Those of us with episodic migraine who receive inadequate treatment are three times more likely to progress to chronic migraine than those who have an effective treatment.

So, instead of suffering through our once in a while migraines, these few tips may help prevent chronic migraine once and for all.

episodic migraines

1. Make an appointment for an update with your doctor. Even if your migraine is only very occasional, it helps to ensure you have the best possible medication to hand.

2. Don’t think that just because you’ve tried one over the counter medication without success that none of them work.

3. Equally, don’t be afraid to discuss prescription options if your migraines are getting progressively more severe or interrupting your life.

4. Keeping a record of your migraine episodes and making a note of any changes in symptoms or their severity can give you helpful information

5 Take the time to learn about the different help that’s available by keeping up to date on research. There is up to date information available on a number of good dedicated migraine websites and information forums.

6. Make the simple but necessary lifestyle adjustments that ensure you are doing your part in managing your condition effectively and preventing your migraine from taking over your life.

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