Pregnancy and Migraine Medications

Between 50-90% of pregnant women have seen a reduction in intensity and/or frequency of their migraines during their pregnancy.  This is often cited as the result of increased and stablised oestrogen levels that continue throughout the second and third trimester. However not all migrainers will find this and those most likely to still experience attacks are those migrainers who also experience auras. If this is the case then it can be hard to know what medication it is still safe to take in order to try and manage the attacks.

Pregnancy and Migraine Medications

Paracetamol has been used widely without apparent harm to the baby, as have anti-sickness drugs like Buclizine and domperidone. However, data on the use of triptans is still accumulating and there is still not enough evidence to recommend the use of triptans during pregnancy.

Drugs to be avoided include Ergots (these can increase the risk of miscarriage), Aspirin (which can interfere with the baby’s lung development), anti-epilepsy medications such as Epilim, and Ibuprofen, which should definitely be avoided during the first trimester and only taken after week 28 following the advice of a doctor.

As always, it is best to check with your doctor which medications march be safe for you and your baby, but this is a fairly reliable rough guide of what should and shouldn’t be ok.

DISCLAIMER – When using any medication, always read the label and make sure you keep all medicines out of reach of children. The information supplied within this online resource is brought to you by Imigran Recovery Tablets (contains sumatriptan) for migraine relief, from a variety of author sources including health care professionals, lifestyle experts and the general public. None of the published authors endorse any brands.


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