Positive Aura vs. Negative Aura

But wait a minute…. There’s a good kind of migraine aura? Why didn’t we know about this before?

Positive Aura vs. Negative Aura

Sadly no, the people who came up with the title didn’t mean that having a positive aura meant being really upbeat, or that you were having a really good time. It’s one of those medical lexical misnomers. Like how chickenpox doesn’t involve chickens, or birds of any kind for that matter. So what is a “positive” aura then?

Well the terms positive and negative relate to the visual affects experienced by 1 in 5 migraine sufferers. Negative aura is described as having symptoms such as dark holes, blind spots and tunnel vision. A positive aura has zigzagging lines, bright stars or shimmering lights and shapes at the edge of your vision. Essentially then the negative one is the removal of something from your vision and positive one is the addition. Though while they are given separate definitions you can experience a mix of both at the same time, and you can also have varieties of aura that involve other symptoms such as speech disturbances, numbness and confusion.

Whatever kind you have, positive, negative or both (would this make them a neutral?), auras are a right pain in the head.

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