Surviving University When You Suffer With Migraines

University is hard enough as it is. Throw migraines into the mix and it becomes a whole other ball game. Forget trying to organise your work so that you can meet your deadlines on time. If you suffer with migraines you can be the best planner on campus and still find yourself in trouble. You may have a carefully mapped out work timetable, but throw in a migraine attack that lasts multiple days and you can still end up in a massive rush to get everything finished in time through no fault of your own. However, there are things migraine sufferers can do to help make life at university smoother.

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Visual Disturbances: When Migraines Leave You Seeing Stars

Usually, the first thing the average person would think of if asked what a migraine involved would be a headache. It is certainly the case that the majority of migraines involve head pain of some sort. According to the 1999 American Migraine Study, 85% of migraine sufferers experience head pain as part of their migraine attack. However, a sizeable percentage of migraine sufferers (36%) also experience visual disturbances.

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New Migraine Statistics Show Increase In Cases

The statistics on migraines in the UK – statistics like; how many people suffer from them, what age are the sufferers, and what percentage of men in the population/what percentage of women are sufferers, don’t necessarily come out on a regular basis. There has been a recent report with some interesting new figures though. According to the new report on migraines in the UK, published by The Work Foundation in 2018, the prevalence of migraines, and the impact which they have, has increased.

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Common Edible Migraine Triggers

There’s a wide variety of different forms of migraine which manifest themselves in different ways. For example; migraine with aura (a type of migraine which features added neurological symptoms like flashing lights), chronic migraines (a headache which takes place on 15 or more days a month), hemiplegic migraines (in which the sufferer experiences temporary weakness on one side of their body), and the list goes on. Also, even within these different subcategories no one has a migraine the same as someone else’s. The point being that, since all migraines vary, so too do their triggers.

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Imaging to Reveal Migraine Secrets

Following experiments undertaken during “pain classes” at Stanford University, Sean Mackey, MD, PhD who led the classes, is hoping that the increasingly detailed imaging technology which is being used in medical treatments and scientific experiments might give us some of the answers as to whether a certain treatment will be effective on a case by case basis.

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