Where Not To Work If You’re a Migrainer

If you love what you do and where you work, then you’re lucky indeed. Not everyone can say the same. And sometimes it’s just the case that in order to keep body and soul alive you have to work somewhere that’s less than ideal. However, there are some jobs that are quite simply hellish for migraine sufferers! So, when looking for your next job, try to avoid applying for these roles if you can…

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Strong smells are a common trigger among migraine sufferers. Unfortunately, coffee has rather a strong smell, especially espressos, and working around these smells day in day out may well lead to an increase in your migraine attacks. For the same reason working in a bath products shop, on a perfume counter, or anywhere that uses strongly scented cleaning products is a bad idea.


This is an incredibly stressful job which can often require you to have your breaks and your meals at odd times. Stress is one major migraine trigger, and so is skipping meals/letting your blood sugar levels to drop. Both of these triggers are likely when working as a waiter. If you can arrange for regular breaks at sensible times then all may be well, but when things get busy in restaurants breaks often get moved around and delayed.

Anywhere that involves rotating shifts

It’s important that migraine sufferers have a regular sleep pattern, and if you work somewhere that gives its employees night shifts and early morning shifts whenever they feel like it, it means that the times which you can sleep won’t be regular and this could lead to an increased number of migraine attacks.

Air hostess

Changes in air pressure can trigger migraines, and flying multiple flights each day will
certainly involve a lot of varying air pressures. As well as changes in air pressure, the environment involves little fresh air, and, in the case of turbulence, possible nausea – that on top of any nausea that occurs as a symptom of migraines.

Call centres

Renowned for being stressful and for not giving their employees regular breaks, call centres might just be the worst possible place for a migraine sufferer to work. As well as stress and long hours, the lighting in call centres is really bad for migraine sufferers (think fluorescent, flickering lights) and the glare from looking at a computer screen for hours on end is enough by itself to bring on a migraine.

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