What NOT to say to Migrainers

Sometimes it feels like anyone who’s ever had a headache feels that they know precisely what migraine sufferers are going through. Because, after all, a migraine is just a really nasty headache, right? Wrong. Here are some more things that we’re fed up of hearing.

What NOT to say to Migrainers

“You just need to learn how to relax.”

We’ve tried. Believe us we’ve tried. But relaxing while your head is trying to split itself in half is really hard.

“Aren’t you used to them by now?”

If by used to them, you mean they shouldn’t affect us anymore then no. You don’t just get “used” to being in agony.

“I had a migraine once!”

Only the once? Good for you! We wish we were that lucky.

“Are you sure it’s not something more serious? Like, you know, a tumour or something?”

We’ve probably checked with our doctor already. But even if we haven’t, do you have to phrase it in such a scary way? Like we don’t have enough to worry about as it is. What with all that trying not to get stressed we have to be getting on with…

“Do you ever pretend you have a migraine to get out of stuff?”

No. You wouldn’t lie about having a serious medical condition like cancer. Migraines are also a serious medical condition. It’s not something you lie about or use as an excuse.

“Try listening to some relaxing music.”

In an ideal world, when we’re having an attack there is no noise whatsoever. No matter how relaxing it is, music will make things worse not better.

Any others to add?

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