Neurohormonal and Metabolic Integrity Loss Means Migraines

In 2002 Sergey Dzugan and Konstantine Dzugan put forward the hypothesis that migraine is the result of a loss of neurohormonal and metabolic integrity. In other words, migraines were caused by things such as an imbalance of calcium and magnesium, a lack of some hormones, too much of others (e.g. oestrogen and progesterone), and a worsening of mineral absorption in the intestines thanks to a decrease in “intestinal flora” (e.g. good bacteria). The research they conducted looking into this theory had some interesting findings. 

Neurohormonal and Metabolic Integrity Loss Means Migraines

Dzugan and Dzugan looked at 30 patients with migraine and gave them a series of restorative treatments that were designed to reverse hormone imbalances and any metabolic issues. At the start of the program patients had quite a few deficiencies such as a lack of steroid hormones. By the end of their study this had been corrected and related symptoms such as insomnia and depression had gone. Dzugan and Dzugan also stated that none of their patients were still experiencing migraines at the end of their varied regimen.   

Although a small-scale study, Dzugan and Dzugan concluded from their incredible results that migraine could potentially be caused by a loss of neurohormonal and metabolic integrity, and that as such, migraines can be managed and perhaps even cured through a varied restorative program. However, it is only one theory among many about the causes of migraines!  

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