Natural Remedies for Aiding Migraine Relief

There are lots of medications available for treating migraines, but for whatever reason, whether to supplement over-the-counter or prescribed medications, some migraines sufferers like to use natural treatments or alternative therapies in order to treat their migraines. These are a few of those natural treatments which are often opted for.

Natural Treatments for Aiding Migraine Relief


Acupressure involves the pressing of various key points on the body to release muscle tension and reduce pain. For migraine sufferers, the LI-4 point which can be found between the base of the left thumb and index finger is a key point to apply pressure to. Applying firm (but not so firm that it’s painful) pressure to this point and gently rotating the pressure in a circular motion for five minutes can help to relieve head pain.


A 2014 study looked at the effect of using ginger powder instead of sumatriptan in 100 migraine sufferers. The researchers found that ginger was comparable to sumatriptan in its pain relieving efficacy.


According to the American Migraine Foundation, a daily dose of 150 mg of butterbur was effective in reducing migraine frequency when taken for three months.

Warm or cold towels

Placing a cold or warm flannel on the forehead can be helpful in reducing the intensity of migraine pain for some sufferers. Some migraine sufferers prefer cold to warm, and vice versa – it depends on the individual.


A study from 2014 looked at the efficacy of conventional migraine treatments when used with and without additional yoga practice. The researchers found that those who participated in the yoga program had greater relief than the group who were given conventional treatments only.

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