Music To Make Us Feel Better

It’s rare to come across someone who says they don’t like music. Not every genre will suit everyone, but in general, if you ask someone what kind of music they enjoy, they will be able to name at least one style.  

Music To Make Us Feel Better

But music is more than just a pleasant noise to have on in the background. Much research has gone into discovering whether it may in fact have some demonstrable medical benefits.

One thing that scientists have found is that when we listen to music that we enjoy, our brains release dopamine; a chemical that elicits positive feelings. In fact in one study dopamine levels were up to 9% higher when volunteers listened to music they enjoyed.

Music has been shown to have significant benefits for stroke patients too. Past researchers have found that stroke patients who listened to music for a couple of hours each day were happier, more focused, and had improved verbal memory when compared to those that didn’t listen.

So even if music can’t make our migraine go away, it can hopefully at least make us feel a bit better while we’re having one.

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