Migraines during hormonal changes

A new survey confirms what many female migraine sufferers have long experienced: an increase in migraines during hormonal changes (menopausal transition).

Migraines during hormonal changes

The time period which was the absolute worst as judged by headache frequency and disability was during the lead up to the menopause, known as periomenopause. The risk of having 10 or more headaches a month increases by up to 50% as oestrogen levels drop and women enter periomenopause, said Vincent T. Martin, MD, co-director, Headache and Facial Pain Programme, and professor, internal medicine, University of Cincinnati, Ohio and lead researcher for the study

‘That’s something that is new and has never been shown before,”

he said.

“Patients often tell us that their headaches tend to worsen when going through periomenopause, but there has never been a published study to demonstrate this.”

However, he added, the results are not unexpected,

“simply because periomenopause is such a turbulent time period for hormonal changes in women.”

Dr. Martin presented the results at the American Headache Society (AHS) 56th Annual Scientific Meeting in June 2014.

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