Migraines are no joke

As a migraine sufferer, you may sometimes feel that no-one understands your condition. You may experience difficulties at work, at home, or within your relationship. If this sounds like you, it may help to know that you are not alone. 

Results of a focus-group survey conducted in Ohio, US, and published in The Journal of Family Practice revealed that migraines impact on all aspects of daily life, including family, social activities, relationships and work.

Being forced to restrict leisure activities because of migraines can leave sufferers feeling like they have been cheated, or have cheated members of their families, while needing to take time off work can lead to feelings of guilt or pressure to keep going despite debilitating symptoms.

Relationships at home can be significantly affected, especially if faced with a lack of sympathy or understanding, and worries about a similar lack of understanding can be detrimental when it comes to seeking treatment.

Talking openly about your migraine symptoms might be difficult, especially if you feel that your audience will be unreceptive, but it can be the key to gaining the diagnosis and understanding you need.

Another way to help those around you to see your point of view is to get someone else to tell them. Print out factsheets or take your loved ones with you when you see the doctor or pharmacist – sometimes seeing the medical facts in black and white or hearing your symptoms being validated by a medical professional can be more effective than trying to explain it yourself.

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