Migraines and Foods to Fight Nausea

When you’re feeling nauseous, one of the last things you want to do is to eat. It may sound odd, but actually it can be one of the most helpful things you can do.

Migraines and Foods to Fight Nausea

Feeling sick on an empty stomach is far worse than feeling sick when your stomach has something in it. But what should you be eating to help combat the queasiness?



Yes really. It’s an incredibly useful thing to eat if you’re feeling nauseous as soups are easy to digest, with little to no chewing required, and they can be a good, easily-digested source of nutrients. If you have been sick, they can do wonders in replacing lost fluids, salts, and electrolytes that are needed to keep the body functioning normally.



Ginger is renowned for being a nausea-fighting food and it’s been used for centuries in remedies for all kinds of sickness and nausea. Putting a slice of fresh ginger in hot water, or drinking a ginger herbal tea, is a good nausea-relieving option for those who really can’t face food, or alternatively, sucking on a ginger sweet, or eating a dry ginger biscuit should help to reduce a migraine sufferer’s feeling of nausea.



Toast is good because it’s plain (keep away from or go easy on the spreads – maybe just stick to butter or nothing at all) and easy to digest. An added bonus for migraine sufferers who find that intense smells are a trigger from their migraines, is that toast doesn’t have a strong smell so shouldn’t aggravate the migraine. Other dry foods such as rice cakes, crisps, and dry biscuits are also good options.


You may not want to eat much when you’re feeling nauseous, but eating little amounts on a regular basis will help to keep your blood sugar levels steady and your energy up; both things which should help to fight your migraine attack and end it that much quicker!

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