Migraine travel advice – Passport, tickets and MAP- (Migraine Action Plan)

Whether you’re flying to an overseas resort or enjoying the delights of home, that long-awaited holiday often can’t come soon enough. But you wake up on the first morning of your holiday full of plans for the day and within an hour you have a migraine.

Sound familiar?

Migraine travel advice

With our two weeks of holiday so precious, it helps to have a little stash of those things we know we’ll need to get us through as comfortably and quickly as possible. Here’s some Migraine travel advice you may find useful:

  • Choose a container and secure location for all those essentials as well as the comfort items you like to have to hand during a migraine
  • Discuss with your doctor the best preventative, abortive and rescue medication for your needs and make sure you are stocked up. The last thing you need is to have to rush out for supplies in the throes of an attack. Or worse still have to hunt for a  reliable over the counter brand you’ve no experience with, in an unfamiliar location
  • If you’re going away, have a supply of your medication labelled accurately according to your airline’s guidelines and ready to hand during the flight
  • Put in a small stash of tried and tested snacks you know you can manage during a migraine
  • Sip water regularly throughout the day and especially on long flights
  • Invest in decent sunglasses especially if you feel sensitive to light during an attack
  • Stock up on some soothing gel eye packs that can go in the fridge. Even if you’ve never bothered with them at home, in hotter climates they can be a welcome relief
  • If you can tolerate them, earplugs can help block out unwanted sounds. Even sounds we normally find pleasant can become a source of misery during a migraine
  • Have your mp3 loaded with whatever sounds you find bearable
  • If you have a favourite essential oil or soothing lotion, pop in a travel sized version.

It may sound like preparing for a hurricane but having your action plan at the ready can mean getting through your migraine episode without added stress.

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