Migraine management – Imigran Recovery real life case study

Name: Faye Goldstraw

Age: 27

Occupation: Events manager

Since I can remember I’ve suffered with migraines at least twice a month. They can last for as long as two days and sometimes they are so bad, I have to spend the whole day sleeping in a dark room. As well as the throbbing headaches, I’m really sensitive to light and loud noises. Occasionally, I also feel nauseous and dizzy. 

Faye Goldstraw
As soon as a migraine strikes I have to cancel any plans I may have made, including going to work! I’ve missed out on my friends’ birthdays, dates and even holidays. I recently went away with all of my friends and I had to spend the whole time stuck in the hotel room because I got a really bad migraine. I was so disappointed as I’d been looking forward to it for months.

Although my friends are really sweet about it, I don’t think they realise that migraines are much worse than just headaches. If I’m on a night out, my friends sometimes tell me to just take a painkiller and come out. No amount of painkillers will help my migraines!

It’s difficult to identify the exact cause of my migraines but I think stress has a lot to do with it. Working in events can be really manic, I can be working long hours on an exhibition site in the full glare of the bright lights and sound systems.

Painkillers just weren’t working so after speaking to my pharmacist about the symptoms and triggers, she recommended I try Imigran Recovery as this treats the actual cause of migraines, rather than just treating the symptoms. As soon as I feel an attack coming on, I now just take Imigran and within half an hour I’m back to normal. It works so well that I haven’t missed a night out in months!    

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