Migraine Management Around the World

Whether living undiagnosed in an igloo in Alaska or being cared for by a top flight American neurologist, migraine sufferers exist across the world, that fact doesn’t change.

 Migraine Management Around the World

What does is the way that migraines are treated and monitored. That varies hugely depending on what country you are in and it’s pot luck whether you’re in a good hands or simply swept under the carpet. For example:

• In the countries which responded to the question of whether headache disorders were included in annual national health reports only 12% said yes. (Shockingly the UK was not one of those that said they did.)

• Worldwide, headache disorder management guidelines are routinely in use in only 55% of responding countries, and barely at all in the highly affected South East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean areas.

• And, perhaps unsurprisingly but nonetheless unfortunately, Africa tops the charts for people with headaches who primarily self-treat with a percentage of 58%.

Migraines are a common illness across the globe and clearly more needs to be done to address them.

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