Migraine in Children – Are migraines affecting your child at school?

Adults who suffer with migraines know how debilitating it can be, especially if they occur when you are at work. But what about the effects of migraine in Children?

If your child suffers with migraines, worries and pressures at school may trigger attacks. Migraine in children at school can not only cause problems with missing lessons, but can also create a stigma that children can find hard to shake off.

Are migraines affecting your child at school

These issues can cause your child extra worry, with the potential to exacerbate the problem by creating more stress triggers but also by deterring your child from asking for help when the early signs of a migraine begin.

If your child suffers with migraines, it can be helpful to discuss this with their teacher or school nurse. Some schools have internal guidance on how to help children suffering with migraines, and there are lots of resources to help schools and teachers who have not directly encountered the problem before.

The charity, Migraine Action, provides advice on migraine in children for school nurses, as well as downloadable resources for teachers, parents and children.

As a parent of a child who suffers with migraines, you can also advise teachers on specific information pertaining to your child’s migraine experience. Give their teachers and school nurse a list of your child’s triggers and a description of their typical symptoms. Also discuss any medication that your child uses to treat or prevent migraine attacks, and check the school’s policies surrounding medications during school hours.

Importantly, make sure that your child is aware that you have discussed their condition with the school, and let them know the procedure for asking for medication if they need it. This will help your child feel more confident in seeking help when they feel an attack coming on.

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