Migraine and Paint Colours – It Matters

It might sound strange, but research has found that the colour you paint your walls can have an effect on your migraine attacks.

Healthcare communications agency 11 London, in conjunction with Dulux, TEVA UK, and the National Migraine Centre, worked to create a migraine-friendly colour scheme. After surveying over 1,200 migraine sufferers about what colours they found most soothing, some clear favourite shades were identified.

Grey shades were the most popular (chosen by 68%), followed by light green shades (52%), teal (47%), and light blue shades (41%).

As you might expect, they were also some colours which were deemed as being unhelpful to migraine sufferers. Bright colours such as orange and yellow were chosen as soothing by only 5% of respondents, but red was identified as a “problem colour”.

Finding that green shades were favoured by many migraine sufferers may not come as a huge surprise to those who already know about the research which has been conducted into the effects which different colours of light have on migraine sufferers.

In past studies it was found that exposure to any colour of light except green light intensified migraine attacks. Green light on the other hand was significantly less likely to trigger head pain, and in one study around 20% of participants reported that exposure to green light actually made their migraine attacks less painful.

Of course not all migraine sufferers are alike, and a colour which soothes one migraine sufferer may aggravate another. All the same, this “migraine-friendly colour palette” may be worth bearing in mind if you’re a migraine sufferer looking to do some redecorating soon.

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