Migraine and chocolate – Have we got it wrong about chocolate?

What’s your position on migraine and chocolate?Along with red wine,chocolate seems to rank highly amongst the most commonly blamed substances when it comes to triggering migraines but what are the facts behind this?

Should it really be avoided or is it just a myth?

Migraine and chocolate

There’s no doubt many of us are willing to bet good money that a migraine will start pretty soon after we’ve indulged in our favourite chocolate treat.

But it could be that the sugar craving that leads us to want the chocolate in the first place is in itself an indication that a migraine is already on its way. We eat the chocolate to curb the sugar craving and later, the migraine kicks in.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a direct causal link between eating chocolate and having a migraine.

The results of a number of studies seem to show that chocolate is no more likely than a chocolate substitute to trigger migraines or headaches.

What should we make of these findings? Should chocolate not be considered a migraine trigger?

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