Might A Midnight Snack Help?

When you were a kid one of the best bits of a sleepover was the midnight feast; getting up in the night to have a picnic with your friends – what could be better? Although those midnight feasts probably involved a lot more sugar and chocolate than the one we’re about to suggest…

Raiding the fridge

But it seems that one answer to the ongoing problem of waking up with a migraine, might be to get up in the night and indulge in a midnight snack. Researchers analysed the eating habits of thirty-four migraine sufferers and found that a night- time snack reduced their likelihood of experiencing a headache the following day by 40% when compared with when they had no food before breakfast.

A common trigger for migraine sufferers can be a drop in blood sugar, which can often be avoided if migraine sufferers make sure to eat regularly. Missing meals is a big migraine risk! Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that a snack at night might help to alleviate the risk of a migraine the next day. Just because your head goes to sleep, doesn’t mean that your stomach does and, if not topped up, your blood sugar can easily drop overnight.

So if you commonly wake up with a migraine in the morning, perhaps setting an alarm and having a slow-release snack partway through the night could help you.

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