Menopause Migraines – Worse But Then They Get Better

If you’re aged around your early to mid 40s and a woman you might well have found that your migraines have been getting more intense and regular. As if they weren’t bad enough to begin with. You might have wondered if something was going wrong. Is this change a sign of something more serious, and could it be related to your menopause?

Menopause Migraines - Worse But Then They Get Better

Well it’s not nice but you’re not alone in this sudden worsening of your migraines. And while you should certainly check with your doctor just in case, it’s more likely to be that your perimenopause is to blame. Researchers have shown that migraine suffering women going through their perimenopause found their migraines significantly worsening by 50-60%. 

If this is you then the time before your menopause kicks in is not going to be all that pleasant. But there is good news too. Many women, 67%, find that their migraines radically decrease in regularity and intensity after the end of their menopause.

Hope is on the horizon. Hang in there!

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