Medically proven health benefits of exercise

Are you losing your motivation to exercise? Perhaps a little scientific motivation is what you need. Here are some medically proven health benefits of exercise.

We all know that regular exercise makes us look better, and after we’ve done it, we invariably feel better, too. But when the cold days drag on and the change of the clocks has made early mornings (albeit temporarily) darker and, therefore, harder to face, it’s good to look deeper inside to remind yourself that all that hard work is paying off even in areas you can’t see or feel.

health benefits of exercise

Regular exercise really is the miracle cure for a great many human ills. The most obvious health benefits of exercise is tackling obesity and all it brings (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and so on), but exercise is also a great way to reduce the risk of cancer, depression, dementia, and bone disorders such as osteoarthritis and hip fracture.

Exercise is also proven to reduce the risk of early death. What more do you need to know to keep you motivated?

Many of us lead fairly sedentary lives these days, due to the rise in technology doing most of the physical work for us, so it is even more important to seek out ways to get regular exercise into our daily lives.

The NHS Choices website recommends getting 150 minutes of exercise per week. This could involve cycling or running to and from work, or during your lunch break, or it could mean choosing a gym that is within easy reach on your daily commute so you can drop in easily on the way home.

Remind yourself that exercise can be great ‘me-time’ and helps you to relax and unwind before or after a hard day at work. Try to see exercise as a highlight to your week, rather than a chore, so that you will keep wanting to do it.

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