Making the Most of a Bad Migraine

No one wants them. Ask anyone who suffers and they’ll tell you straight away that if they could just take a magic pill to make them stop then believe them, they would without a second thought. No one wakes up in the morning hoping for a pounding headache and a dizzying feeling of nausea that day. But, horrible as migraines are, maybe, just maybe, they’ve done us a few favours in the past.

Making the Most of a Bad Migraine

To be creative we need inspiration. This could be inspiration from pretty much anything, even something as mundane as accidentally burning the morning toast, but it has to be said that the more unusual the experience, generally the more unique and the more innovative the result.

A few people who have drawn on their migraine experiences and used them in their work includes the writer C.S. Lewis, who included elements of his migraine auras as material in Alice in Wonderland, and the artists Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

No one will have the same experiences from a migraine that you will, so why not use your migraines to your advantage?

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