How to Make Your Guest Bedroom Migraineur Friendly

guest bedroom

Do you have friends or relatives who suffer from migraines? Or suffer from them yourself? With 1 in 7 people around the world estimated to suffer from migraines, it’s likely that you know someone who does.

Whoever you know who is a sufferer, now that we can once again visit friends and family and have them stay overnight, this quick guide on things you can do to make a bedroom migraineur-friendly may be of use.

Blackout curtains

Many migraine sufferers find that bright lights are painful during an attack, and in some cases can help to trigger a migraine attack. Since not all curtains are very thick and so don’t effectively block out the light it can be helpful getting some blackout curtains which will. You can also get blackout linings which you can hang behind your existing curtains.

Get a green lamp

Some colours of lighting are better than others for migraine sufferers, and green light has been shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks so a green light therapy lamp could be a useful addition to the bedroom.

Remove scents

Strong smells can be a migraine trigger for many, so don’t be tempted to leave potpourri or scented candles in the room.

Be careful of your cleaning

Some cleaning products can trigger migraines – especially those which are high in chemicals and/or are scented. Keep the cleaning products which you use in the house natural if you can (bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar are both excellent all-round cleaning products).


Poor posture puts strain on muscles – which can lead to muscle tension and, because of this tension build-up, a migraine attack.

Being properly supported in a good sleep posture is just as important as maintaining good posture during the day; so make sure that the mattress in the bedroom isn’t too old and isn’t lumpy and that the pillows are supportive. Some migraine sufferers find that a specific orthopaedic pillows are helpful. 

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