Luggage Restrictions and Migraine Medication

In the light of an increased number of terrorist plots airport security has become more and more strict over the years. In 2006 restrictions came in that stated that no liquid, paste or lotion over 100ml march be taken onboard a flight in hand luggage, and all liquids under 100ml in hand luggage must be placed in one 20cm x 20cm transparent bag and presented at the security check in. The exception to this being any liquid you might buy on board the flight or in the duty free shops near the departure lounge. But what about medication?

Luggage Restrictions and Migraine Medication

According to the UK government website, tablets, capsules, cooling gel packs, medical equipment and essential liquid medicines are all ok to be taken on in hand or hold luggage (so long as they screen successfully). Although to do this you must have a document from a medical professional confirming that they are essential to you – a doctor’s note will do for this. However it’s a good idea to check that the destination that you are flying to will also allow you to do this.

DISCLAIMER – When using any medication, always read the label and make sure you keep all medicines out of reach of children. The information supplied within this online resource is brought to you by Imigran Recovery Tablets (contains sumatriptan) for migraine relief, from a variety of author sources including health care professionals, lifestyle experts and the general public. None of the published authors endorse any brands.

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