Is this a light bulb moment for EU migraine sufferers?

A Scots MEP is calling for the EU ban on ‘old school’ incandescent light bulbs to be reconsidered urgently according to a news item from UK Charity Migraine Action.

light bulb moment

“Low-energy light-bulbs may be 80% more energy efficient, but a sizable minority of people throughout the EU are now suffering ill health, including headaches, migraine, nausea and diseases like lupus, psoriasis, photo allergic eczema and photosensitive epilepsy, due to exposure to these new, low-energy light-bulbs, which emit a different spectrum of light including high levels of blue light and a high- frequency flicker effect.”

So says Scottish Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson who after high level talks has suggested that the Commission should provide a derogation enabling incandescent bulbs to remain available for those who could not use low-energy bulbs without suffering adverse health impacts.

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