Kick-start your autumn exercise plan

Summer is behind us for another year, the nights are drawing in, and after holidays and barbecues (if the weather was kind enough!), most of us are now turning our thoughts towards the next big event: Christmas.

If you worked hard to achieve a bikini body this summer, or want to take up a new sport or exercise plan, you’ll already be on the case to stay fit for the festive season.

Kick-start your autumn exercise plan

But even if your plans to have the body of a beach-volleyball player by the August bank holiday didn’t come to fruition, it’s never too late to start, and Christmas parties are a great reason to set yourself a new target.

Autumn is a great time to begin a new exercise regime.

Not only do you have that back-to-school feeling to spur you on, but the weather is also perfect for exercising outdoors, which will in turn boost your mood despite dwindling levels of daylight.

If you’re lucky enough to have the freedom, try heading out for a run before work or in the last hour of evening sun, or try to take a long walk at the weekend.

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