Is Surgery the Answer?

In recent years it has been discovered that a simple operation can be conducted that relieves pressure on the trigeminal nerve and thereby avoids the onset of migraine attacks in some sufferers. The procedure takes only an hour under full anesthetic and can bring long lasting relief. But it’s not for everyone. How do they assess if surgery is the right step for you?

Is Surgery The Answer?

At present the Migraine Surgery Centre in London is the only establishment in the UK dedicated to this treatment and they are very careful about finding out if the operation is the right thing for you.First there is a questionnaire looking at triggers, family history and attack symptoms which can be filled out online or sent off for.

Next, once this has been done, there is a patient interview with one of their doctors to assess whether the corrugator muscle, trigeminal nerve or other relevant trigger point is the cause of your pain, and therefore whether the surgery would be of use in treating your type of migraine or not.

Step three is a botulinum toxin test that temporarily mimics the results of the procedure. After the test the patient is asked to keep a pain diary for two months to see if attacks are less frequent and focused.

If all of this is successful then the final step is surgery, and hopefully a much less painful life.

It’s not suitable for everyone but for those who it does apply to it can be a great source of long term relief.

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