Inversion Therapy – Could it Help?

Inversion tables are devices that look like a cross between a bed and gym equipment that are designed to safely allow you to spend a few minutes each day in an upside down state without the need for headstands or mad circus skills.

Inversion Therapy – Could it Help?

One of the main benefits of using an inversion table is that it reduces nerve pressure and lets joints and muscles that are usually compressed when stood upright to decompress and the built up tensions within them to be released. 

However, it is thought that inversion tables might also be of use to some migraine sufferers. Past research has shown that some migraines can be caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. By hanging upside down blood flow to the brain is increased, and as a result, so is the level of oxygen the brain receives. This means, at least in theory, that any migraine pain that is caused by this reduction should be lessened or relieved.

Unfortunately at this point in time inversion therapy as a migraine relief is conjecture and positive results only anecdotal. Official studies to show whether or not there is in fact a correlation between inversion and migraine pain relief are yet to be conducted.

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