How To Cut Out Caffeine Without The Comedown

Caffeine for many migraine sufferers can be a contributing factor in the frequency and intensity of their attacks; so cutting down the amount of caffeine consumed in daily life might be a necessary step towards relief. Having said that, going caffeine cold-turkey is not a tempting option when you consider that suddenly stopping all caffeine at once might well induce a pretty killer migraine while you are going through withdrawal.  

How To Cut Out Caffeine Without The Comedown

A method that will probably prove to be far less painful is the weaning method. To wean yourself off caffeine gradually do some things you can do including cutting back the number of cups of tea drunk by one cup every two days, cutting back on energy drinks by half a can every two days, and reducing coffee intake by a quarter of a cup each day.  You could potentially also try mixing decaf coffee with caffeinated coffee if you want to keep drinking the same amount but without so much caffeine.

Opting for the weaning system is far less of a shock to the system than cold turkey and, though it will take longer, it should make any withdrawal symptoms (such as mood swings and headaches) less severe.

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