Hope On the Horizon Thanks to M.A.T

One pharmaceutical company investigating a new treatment for migraine is a good sign. So four large pharmaceutical companies all holding clinical trials for the same new migraine treatment is a real cause for celebration. If not just one but four companies are investing their time and money in an effort to be the first to market a new treatment than that treatment must be really good.

Hope On the Horizon Thanks to M.A.T

The new treatment the companies are all working hard on is something called monoclonal antibody therapy, hereafter called M.A.T for short. M.A.T uses antibodies which have been genetically engineered to stimulate the body’s immune system which will then attack one of the horrible compounds (calcitonin gene-related peptides) which is raised in the brain during painful migraine headaches.

Something that will be a real bonus to migraine sufferers is that this could be a preventative treatment rather than one designed to intervene once an attack has struck. Instead of waiting until the pain appears, M.A.T could be injected on a periodic basis in order to help prevent an attack occurring.

The results from its early trials are said to be excellent. In a double blind trial of the treatment there was a significant proportion of people who had a 75% and even a 100% reduction in their headaches, and just over 75% of people given the treatment had a reduction of 50% in their number of migraine days.

One neurologist, Dr. Joseph Safdieh, from Weill Cornell Medical College has said that “this is the most hopeful thing on the horizon, it is the only hope on the horizon.” As he is not involved in the trails, and so has no vested monetary interest in its success, this is high praise indeed.

The hope is that one day in the not too distant future (it is thought that the treatment might be available as soon as within the next few years), migraine sufferers will be able to go into the doctors and be given an effective treatment that has been specifically developed to target only migraines.

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