Help for those who suffer with chronic headaches

If you suffer with chronic headaches – whether they be migraines, cluster headaches, or any other type of head or facial pain – and you feel as though your doctor doesn’t take you seriously, you can get help and advice through Headache UK, an alliance formed between five of the leading UK-based charities aimed at improving quality of life for sufferers of headaches or facial pain:

suffer with chronic headaches

The aims of Headache UK are to:

  • Achieve recognition of chronic headaches as a major public health problem
  • Promote understanding of the significant impact headaches can have on the lives of people with these chronic conditions
  • Ensure speedy diagnosis and quality management for people who live with chronic headaches

This is achieved by creating a forum for sharing of information between health professionals, researchers and patients, to improve education and awareness and facilitate collaboration.

Headache UK is managed and hosted by The Migraine Trust, which itself is a charity focused on providing support and information to people affected by migraines, as well as educating health professionals and facilitating medical research.

If you feel that you could benefit from learning more about your condition, chatting with fellow sufferers, or reading up on the latest research in the field, log on to the relevant website listed above and see how these charities can help you. If you would like to get involved or support a charity listed here, fundraising advice and instructions for making donations are also available via the links provided.


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