Why Your Headache Is Not A Migraine!!!

One thing that drives migraine sufferers mad is other people claiming that their headache is/was a migraine:

Man with headache

“Oh, I know how you feel; I’m always getting headaches.”

“I went out with friends last night, but got home really late. Woke up with a massive migraine!”

“My girlfriend’s taste in music is so bad that listening to it gives me a migraine!”

Really? For many sufferers a migraine attack means that they have to stay lying down in a room which is completely devoid of light and which is also in complete silence. They can’t stand any kind of noise, let alone listening to music – whether it’s good or bad. So if you were able to listen to anything at all then it probably wasn’t a migraine…

These are a couple of other reasons why that headache was not a migraine!

First, to address the hangover migraines. A migraine is a medical condition; a hangover is not. In fact, migraines are listed as the seventh most disabling disease in the world and there is at present no known cure. A hangover on the other hand can be avoided quite easily… Not only that but a hangover rarely lasts longer than a few hours and are usually completely over within 24, while some migraine sufferers can have attacks that last over 72 hours, and some sufferers have reported migraines which have lasted for months and even years!

Next to look at your typical headache. No doubt they hurt and are very frustrating, but a lot of headache stories end with’ “so I took some paracetamol and that helped”, or “I drank a pint of water and then it went away”, or even, “I went to sleep and it was gone when I woke up”. Sadly these typical headache treatments don’t come close to getting rid of a migraine. Migraine sufferers wish getting rid of a migraine was as easy as drinking some water and going to sleep. Going to sleep with a migraine=nearly impossible.

Another thing with headaches is that they usually don’t stop you from functioning, whereas a migraine most definitely does. A migraine attack can often mean that the sufferer feels nauseous, dizzy, confused, and sees visual disturbances; all of which makes everyday tasks like driving or going to the supermarket impossible. So, if you are able to stand there in daylight calmly telling me that you have a migraine, you probably don’t have a migraine.

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