Great gifts for migraine sufferers

There are some go-to gifts that are almost one-size fits all. If you don’t know what to get someone then you usually can’t go too far wrong with chocolates, bath products or flowers. Some very organised people even have a stockpile of gifts put aside in a cupboard ready for last minute birthdays and events that come up. Fantastic! Never be caught out again!

Great gifts for migraine sufferers

That is unless you are picking a present for someone who suffers from migraines. Great gifts suitable for almost everyone: chocolate, cheese and alcohol. Trigger foods for many migraine sufferers: chocolate, cheese and alcohol. Other migraine triggers: strong smells. Well that’s the scented bubble baths, moisturisers and pretty smelly candles out then. You could always give fake flowers but honestly, who likes receiving fake flowers?

So instead here are a few suggestions for great gifts for a migraine sufferer that might just help to reduce rather than to induce headaches.

Mixed CD – Either choose a good classical mix or pick their favourite relaxing music and make them a personal playlist. It doesn’t cost much, it shows you care, and it’ll help to relax them during a headache attack.

Hot/cold buddy – There are cable-knitted hot water bottle covers, cuddly animals filled with rice, pretty re-usable gel hand warmers; there’s a whole range of hot and cold packs that you can choose from. They can be used for relieving head pain, muscle aches, or just used to combat the weather when it’s a bit chilly or too humid.

Vouchers – Not as boring as it sounds. Make your own vouchers that aren’t for spending in shops. Write out a book of cheques with things like “will make a cake of your choice”, “will give a backrub”, “will clean the kitchen”. Make a list of helpful things you could do during an attack, or just in general. The handmade touch will make this gift that much more special and the cheques can be as generic or as personal as you like.

Earphones – Choose some of the colourful ear bud variety and they can double as earplugs to block out noise during an attack. No headphones last forever so even if they have some already they’re sure to come in useful at some point when their current pair break.

Herbal tea – Maybe not as exciting as wine but certainly something that is relaxing and refreshing (and unlike normal teas these are free from migraine-causing caffeine). Send a selection box and they can have fun trying all of the different flavours.

A day at the spa – Take away their stress; a big cause of migraine. Pay for you both to go and spend some quality time together getting a joint massage followed by a facial and then hanging out in a Jacuzzi. Or buy them a day just for them, getting away from it all with some quality “me-time” alone (especially good for busy Mums!).

It doesn’t have to be a really expensive present; the important thing is to show that you were thinking of them when you chose your gift. If you’re really stuck then it’s better to give a handmade card and a hug to show that you care than to give another bottle of perfume they’ll never wear that will end up sitting at the back of a cupboard gathering dust.

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