Do you need more migraine help?

From getting a diagnosis, to identifying and learning to avoid triggers, to convincing your employers that you have a genuine medical condition, the journey of a migraine sufferer can be long and arduous, and that’s not even counting the attacks themselves!

Unfortunately, some sufferers don’t always get the migraine help they need from their doctor, family, friends and colleagues, which can make the condition even more difficult to manage.  

migraine help

The National Migraine Centre is the only UK-based independent, charitable clinic that focuses entirely on headaches and migraines. The centre has been helping migraineurs, including children, since 1980, and welcomes anyone who feel they need help managing their headaches.

While most of their patients are migraine sufferers, National Migraine Centre also treats patients with various other kinds of headaches, including cluster headaches and tension-type headaches.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment for migraine help at the clinic; you can contact them directly via their website.

However, as an independent charity, the clinic receives no NHS or other government funding, so patients are requested to make a donation to help cover the costs of their appointments. Please visit the website for more details on becoming a patient.

If you are unable to visit the clinic for a personal appointment, you can still benefit from their migraine help advice through the various tests, diaries, videos, factsheets, newsletter and other publications available via their website.

You can also help with fundraising or arrange to make donations online to help the charity continue its valuable work.


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