A Date That Won’t Bring On A Migraine

The typical romantic date: a movie followed by a late-night dinner at a fine restaurant complete with candles, wine and mood music. But while for many couples this sounds like a dream, for some migraine sufferers this can turn into more of an ordeal than anything else. But with a few simple tweaks it doesn’t have to be.

A Date That Won’t Bring On A Migraine

Firstly, rent a good film to watch at home. Doing this means not only do you avoid all the rustling of popcorn and whispering that goes on around you, but it means you don’t have to watch in the dark with flickering light projected onto a screen – tiring your eyes out and putting strain on your nerves which can help to trigger a migraine. At home you can watch in a better light and pause the film if your eyes get tired.

Afterwards you don’t need to go out for dinner to get fine dining. Either order in from a great restaurant or pick up something special from the supermarket that just needs heating up (the dinner for two for £10 is a good way to go). This way you can eat whenever you want, maybe even taking an interval, so your blood sugar levels don’t drop which can be another migraine trigger.

When it comes to any wine that might be off the table for many migraine sufferers too. Our alternative, while it might not be quite the same it will look the part, is an apple juice and lemonade combo. It looks just like white wine and is pretty delicious too. On a similar note, in terms of boxes of chocolates try carob instead. It has a similar taste but without the caffeine of chocolate which can cause a migraine. Plus, added bonuses are that it’s naturally sweeter than chocolate and has three times more calcium.

Staying in instead of going out also means that you can control two more contributing factors to migraine attacks – the light levels (dim lights=eye strain=an attack), and any strong smells. If you stay in you can keep the lights at a comfortable level and perhaps put up some fairy lights to make the scene more romantic. You can also avoid cigarette smoke and the wall of cologne that often appears in restaurants (no, spraying on a whole bottle of Lynx will not make you irresistible to your date – it will just gas her and everyone around you).

Another thing to consider if your date is sensitive to strong smells is the flowers. Instead of scent- heavy blooms or fake artificial-looking flowers, a loving twist on this theme is to make your own origami versions from paper, perhaps using photos of the two of you to make them, or writing a message on each flower. An added bonus is that these flowers won’t die and can be kept as a memento.

It might take a bit more planning, and it’s not going to be exactly the same as a night out, but in many ways this kind of date is better because it’s that much more meaningful. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and tailoring a date to this extent definitely shows thought!

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