Could High Heels Trigger A Migraine?

It’s not just stress and chocolate that can cause a migraine. A common migraine trigger is also that of poor posture. When a muscle is put under strain that tension builds up and this can lead to a migraine. But could heels also be a trigger?

Could High Heels Trigger A Migraine?

Tension can build up more easily than many people may realise as well – it’s not just slouching when sitting down that can be bad. In fact, if you spend a lot of time on the phone (perhaps if you work at a call centre) then even just holding the phone handset up to your ear can overstrain shoulder muscles and lead to a migraine. So with this in mind, could wearing high heels also bring on a migraine?  

Well it seems that yes, it potentially could. When we wear high heels our backs end up arching and swaying unnaturally, which puts stress on the lumbar erector spinae muscle. In addition to this, high heels can make for muscle tension higher up in the body as well as in the hips, ankles and calves. Muscle tension = migraine attack.  

Don’t worry, we’re not saying don’t ever wear heels. Just to perhaps be careful about how much time you wear them for and have some flats in your bag for if you feel your muscles getting stressed.

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